Jessica Giesenkirchen

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Episode Guest: Jessica Giesenkirchen

Jessica Giesenkirchen was born in Germany and was raised in Cambridge, MA. She moved to New York in 2000 focused on restaurant management. When a rare opportunity arose in 2011 to help open a new business, she took it and six years later, Jessica is now the Director of Operations at that same place, Nighthawk Cinema, a boutique Brooklyn cinema. She oversees a staff of over 70 employees and the daily operations of a growing business.

Jessica is also a mother of two! She gave birth to her Still born son in 2015 and after taking some to recover she decided to try again! Last Spring she welcomed her healthy and beautiful daughter and has been managing motherhood and work ever since! She is a “single mother by choice”, a term she feels always needs to be in quotes.

Listen to hear more about Jessica’s story:

  • How she knew she wanted to be a mother
  • Her road to single motherhood (by choice)
  • The father of her children
  • IUI and sperm donors
  • How she manages raising a baby girl by herself
  • The must have baby product that changed her life

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